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42GRU-9000-QD datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf Power MOSFET 2 42GRU-9202 42gru-9200-qd 42GRP-9002 42GRU-9000-. Installation Instructions—PHOTOSWITCH. R. Series 9000 Diagnostic Photoelectric Sensors. Transmitted Beam Catalog Number 4 pin DC micro QD. 42GTU-. 9000-QD. PNP and NPN both sensor and diagnostic output (DC models) . 42GRP-. 9040-QD. Timing. 42GTP-. 9040-QD. 1055V DC; 20 40V AC. Sensor, Photoelectric, Standard Diffuse, 10 - 40 Volt DC, 1.52 meter/ 5 Foot, Sensing Distance, NPN/PNP Transistor, 4-Pin DC, Micro M12 Quick Disconnect. 42GNP- 9000- QD. 42GNF- 9000- QD. 42GNF- 9100- QD. 42GNC- 9200- QD. 42GNR- 9010- QD. 42GNL- 9040- QD. 5-pin mini QD. 42GNU- 9200- QD1.Installation Instructions—PHOTOSWITCHR Series 9000 On/Off and Timing Photoelectric Sensors 42GRP-9040-QD. 42GRP-9070-QD. 42GRL-9000-QD. Series 9000. Standard and User Interface—Standard Models (Refer to installation instructions for 42GLP and 42GSP versions). Label. Color 2m 300V cable, 4 pin DC micro QD, 4 pin DC mini,. 4 pin AC .. 42GRP-9040-QD. 30mA. 2ms. 42G / Series 9000. Photoelectric Sensor. Diffuse. LED 42GRP-9040-QD. Catalogue No: •. Comprehensive range of User Manual: -. Manufacturer Datasheet:. User Manual: 9040. 42G?P-9000-QD1 42GRP-9040-QD1 42GRP-9070-QD1 42GRL-9002-QD 42GRL-9042-QD 42G?R-9000-QD1 42G?F-9100-QD1 Supply Instructions—PHOTOSWITCH®. Series. 9. 000. O n/Off . P-9000. 42GRP-9040. 42GRP-9070. 42GRL-9000. 42GRL-9040. 42G. ?. R-9000. 42G F-9000-QD. Catalog. Num ber—4?pin m. iniQD. 42G. ?. U-9000-Q. D1. 42G. ?. U-9200-QD1.

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